• Q&A With Indra Owner Dallas Rae

    Q&A With Indra Owner Dallas Rae

    What is Crohn’s disease and when were you first diagnosed with it? Crohn's Disease is an auto-immune disease that is part of the Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. I was diagnosed when I was 9 years old.  What treatment techniques have you tried? I have tried absolutely every medication out there for Crohn's disease over the past 17 years including opiates and steroids. When did you start taking CBD? Almost 3 years ago I was in a bad flare and nothing was helping so I looked into alternative treatments.  Have you tried other CBDs? If so, how does it compare to Indra...

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  • FAQs


    Is CBD legal? CBD is legal when derived from hemp plants. Marijuana derived CBD however is not legal. Our CBD comes from agricultural hemp making it legal. What makes your CBD different? Our CBD uses a multi patented technology that increases absorption rates up to 20X the rates of other available CBDs. For more information click here. Does it contain THC and will I be at risk of failing a drug test? No. When you go to the page of our product, you will see additional images. One of these images is the lab results from the testing of our...

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  • Testimonials


    "This is a high quality product that delivers undeniable results. My pain has decreased and my gut issues have leveled off. To feel this way without clouded or drowsy side effects is amazing."  "I just wanted to tell you about the unexpected effect of taking CBD these past few days. It's too early to tell effects for my gut, but all I can say is thank you! I noticed yesterday afternoon that I hadn't reached for my arthritis medication or pain killers all day. Made through work all day today without the midday slow-down because I'm aching. I honestly don't...

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  • Three Benefits Of Using CBD

    Three Benefits Of Using CBD

    Science supports the premise that CBD is beneficial for human health. More and more scientists and health professionals are exploring the potential for CBD for promoting overall health and well being. Today we have compiled three simple benefits of using CBD daily. But first a fun fact! Did you know that not all CBD has the same potency and effects? In fact, our CBD formula has been proven to deliver 20X the potency than that of other CBD products. Click HERE for more information on our products superior qualities. Three Benefits Of Using CBD 1. Reduces Inflammation: CBD interacts with receptors...

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